Sleeping on the bus

So I catch the bus to and from work every day and there are a buttload of funny things that happen while I'm sitting there. The other day, a bloke across the aisle from me was sleeping. Like completely asleep and totally wobbling about with the sleeping. Hilarious stuff. Anyway, today the lady next to me falls asleep. Has anyone ever had that happen to them? The person next to them is asleep? It didn't matter to me in the slightest as she a) didn't subconsciously lean on me in any way and b) woke up before i needed to get off. What do you do if they lean on your shoulder? Or if they start snoring? Or if they don't wake up before you need to get off and they're in the way?

Sleeping bus ettiquette, people, I need advice.

In other bus related news, the bus zoomed past this guy while going through a huge puddle. The poor guy ended up drenched. It would have completely and utterly sucked to be him but oh dear god how hilarious from inside the dry bus. I am a bad person, a very very bad person.

But I do get my just desserts. I jumped on a bus the other day that said it was going to Marion Centre (that's where I need to get off). However, it is going to Marion Centre via a suburb about twenty minutes driving distance from where I live! So I realise I'm going to wrong way and get off, walking about twenty minutes to get home. That's what I get for laughing at bus splash-age.

Strange Adelaide

I don't know what it is lately but I have been witnessing some super strange things happening. Both strange as in thigh slappingly funny and strange as in "wow, that's something you don't see everyday". Maybe it's the weather (we've had a week of about 100 degree days and we're expecting another week of it this week), or maybe it's the fact that we've got a couple of festivals in town at the moment, either way, it's been most amusing.

In the past week:
We've all experienced this before. Someone is walking in front of you at a slower pace that you'd like them to be travelling. You try to overtake them on the left, they veer over to the left, you try to overtake them on their right, they veer over to the right. They have no idea that you're behind them, unless perhaps they can *feel* your frustration, but they're firmly locked in their own little world, looking about the place and generally being a complete nuisance. I was walking behind a veering girl on Tuesday, only this one must have felt my frustration and she turned around, while still walking in a very non-straight line, and managed to walk straight into the side of a public phone box.

The girl on the bus in front of me had a tiger tail pinned to her shorts. I told my sister about it and she asked me if I pulled on her tail. I admitted that no, I'd not pulled on her tail, but I had given it a few gentle kicks. I just couldn't help it.

I had lunch with my friend Becc in one of the squares of Adelaide, sitting on the grass under the shade of a tree. We left quite suddenly (she had a craving for a frosty fruit and we had to go RIGHT NOW) and I very responsibly remembered to take my rubbish with me. Shame I left my purse there. By the time I realised I didn't have my purse, it was 5.00pm and I was about to leave the office for the day. Naturally I raced back to where we'd had lunch but of course my purse was gone. There is never a good time to lose your purse, it is ALWAYS inconvenient, but with my husband going away overseas tomorrow it was a terrible time as I'd have to cancel all my cards and not have any other access to my money. So I'm sitting on the bus mentally going through all the things in my purse and what I have to do as soon as I get home and what I'll have to do tomorrow. About ten minutes later, I get a phone call from an Officer Chalmers or Chancellor or something like that from the Adelaide police station. Someone has turned in my purse and I can come and get it! I was so spun out by the fact that someone had turned in my purse I completely forgot to ask if there was anything in it. I figured my license was in there, that's how they'd found me, but had they taken off with all my cards? I played a hunch that if it was empty except for a license, the police officer would have said something and didn't cancel my cards that night. I DID log onto internet banking that night and again the next morning to check that there were no strange transactions going on. So at 9.00am the next morning, after a few false starts, I manage to make it to the Adelaide police headquarters and pick up my purse. Whoever turned it in had left absolutely everything in there - all four credit cards (a combined value of maybe $40,000 in credit) and even the $90 I'd taken out of the ATM. EVERYTHING!! And they didn't leave their name or any contact details at all. How is that for a random act of kindness??! I am so lucky it is incredible.

Friday's are normally a good day for strange things on the way to work as I live near a couple of pubs which have huge Thursday nights. However, this Friday, I had to wait until I got into the city before I saw something strange enough to tell anyone. I saw a guy walking across the road holding a hula hoop.
winter rain

Friends Cut

So it seems that every entry lately is prefaced with "OMG SO BUSY" stuff, yes? Well, I've had to look at my priorities and something had to go. And you know what that means..... goodbye hogwarts_elite and goodbye journals that I just don't read anymore. No hard feelings etc i'ts totally not personal but if I've never spoken to you, I really have to do this :( I can't keep up with my best friends anymore and that's just wrong.

Edited to add: If anyone would like to cut me, now would be your perfect opportunity. Again, no hard feelings etc. I've just said that I can barely keep up so take advantage of the situation!
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Name Change

As some of you may remember, I've been trying to think of a new LJ name for months. I finally got one!

The artist formerly known as magickal_angel is now esoteriqua

Edited to add Some of you may not realise this, but sra33 is made of awesome. Just sayin'